Maven & his team are developing a whole new approach to eCommerce

Maven Harry, a CS major graduate from the Rivers State University of Science & Technology in Rivers State of Nigeria does not only love technology, rather, he wants to ensure

Geek profile: Ayinde Olayiwola

Ayinde Olayiwola, Founder of ByteHub Embedded, a versatile and professional embedded system programmer and electronics circuit designer, highly skilled in developing computer apps to interact with electronic gadgets. Ayinde olayiwola

Why You Must Carry a Portable Charger If You Travel for Work

 If you travel often for work, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your electronic devices alive. And more likely than not, it’s not as if you can

Google Drive Will Soon Back Up Your Entire Computer

Google is turning Drive into a much more robust backup tool. Soon, instead of files having to live inside of the Drive folder, Google will be able to monitor and

Javascript Creator’s Browser Raises $35 Million In 30 Seconds

You may remember Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla who stepped down amid political backlash surrounding his support for an anti-gay marriage bill in California. Well, he’s back, and

ASUS Launches New Wi-Fi Router, With No Antennas

ASUS, the Taiwanese tech giant, launched a new smart Wi-Fi router called the ‘Blue Cave’ at the Computex 2017 event in Taipei. The Blue Cave is an AC2600 dual-band smart

Smart Gloves Turn Sign Language Into Words

A startup that spun out of Taiwan’s University of Science is working on gloves that can translate sign language gestures into text. Such a concept isn’t new by any means, but

Android Creator’s Essential Phone Will Cost $699

There’s been much speculation around the new project from Andy Rubin, the man responsible for developing Android, and now we have the answer. Well, part of the answer, at least.

24 Futa Students Start Three Months Digital Marketing Mentorship With ByteMars

ByteMars is an education startup ready to develop Africa by identifying smart and passionate Africans, train them on digital marketing and inspire them to grow businesses. Ignite- a digital marketing

Ford Gives Argo AI $1 billion to build a self-driving car brain

Ford announced plans yesterday to invest $1 billion over the course of five years into a new, previously unheard of artificial intelligence startup called Argo AI. The company, which has