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Samsung, the tech company that built the world’s tallest building

Have you ever wondered how big a company like Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung and other tech company is? For instance, many of us today make use of Samsung products in our daily life from TV to computers to smart watches to digital cameras to chips that run on our mobile phone to the smartphone itself.

Isn’t it impressive for one company? Have you ever imagine how big Samsung is? The big I’m referring to is not just the physical space or the workforce (of course this company pays over 490,000 people),  what I actually mean is, what else is Samsung involved in that can make us ask the question, how big is Samsung?


Today, Samsung is the largest producer of memory chips  and they have been doing this since 1983. In fact, original iPhones runs on Samsung chips. In 2011, Samsung became the world’s largest phone manufacturer.

They also are the largest manufacturer of televisions in the world. The first ever product by Samsung electronics was a 12 inches black and white TV in 1970. Since 2006, Samsung has retained their position as the  largest television manufacturer in the world, largest manufacturer of LCD panels and today 98% of Amoled screen market is dominated by Samsung.

If you are wondering what Amoled is, Amoled is a type of screen that doesn’t require back light like the typical LCD screens. Cool right?

Now let me tell you what may look strange to you, this company don’t just manufacture electronic gadgets alone, Samsung as part of their about 80 different businesses owns a construction company. In fact, the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa- a 828 meter (2717 ft with over 160 floors) located in Dubai was built by Samsung!

This giant company- Samsung spent $14 billion on Research and Development (R&D) alone in 2014. In 1995, they invested $2 million in the clothing brand, Fubu. Fubu has generated over $6 billion in sales since then.

Samsung today owns 17% of the entire GDP of South Korea (that’s pretty much for just one company), operates 80 different businesses, and they have over 490, 000 employees. The employee size of Samsung is more than that of Google, Apple and Microsoft combined.

Now let me give you a little insight on the Samsung Logo. Samsung in Korea  means 3 stars, which refers to how  big, powerful and numerous the company is. These stars stands for eternity. Also, the open space at S and G at the edge of the oval shape represents the company’s open mind and desire to communicate with the world.

Now before you finish reading this, let me also tell you that the S at the end of Samsung’s galaxy S-series  means super smart.

I’m sure after reading this, you are still wondering and asking how big is Samsung or some other companies? Send me a mail at [email protected] and let’s connect to know more about tech companies or gadgets. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to discover more and more amazing facts about tech companies.


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